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How to choose an inflatable arch?

Inflatable arches are usually used for special event, race, marathon. are a good advertisingsolution, available in wide range of size, you can customized sizes as you need.

They are three options:

1) Oxford with constant air blower: This version is most popular and economic, it was made by oxford with heat transfer logo print. It's need to work with constantly air blower, so you must have DC power while using. PVC tarpulin at bottom to make the arch more durable. 

Freight cost will be cheaper for this one beacuse they are in light-weight. If you buget is limited this one will be a good option. 

2) PVC tarpulin air sealed:  This version will no need constantly air blowers, it inflate by an electronic pump and will remain for a whole day.  It's a good option if you are not suitable with DC power outside, but it will be heavy than oxford version. 

3) Luxury brand promotion in TPU air sealed version: if you need a high end promotion for your brand, you may choose this version. It was made by TPU bladder inside,with a oxford printed cover outside. You may easy to change the printed cover freely if you wanna a new logo/design, so you just need to make a new printed cover to work with the bladder and base you had.  This version also no need constantly air blower, it inflate by electronic pump and remain a whole days, it's good for outside without DC power, but prices will be litter high than option 1 and 2.

Black base bottom are all in black PVC tarpulin material, it will help the arch more durable. 

Packing picture: it will easy to take outside no need addtional carry bag, beacuse we had two carry knobs for it. 

Here are the styles we've made:

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